Jesus raised a former muslim woman from the dead


par Elqayam

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A Miracle that happened in Ethiopia.
Jesus is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE (John 11:25)

ORIGINAL VIDEO HERE: uma_Shubisa052207.aspx

Fatuma Shubisa works hard to provide for her and her husband's nine children. She lives in the little village of Alelu in rural Ethiopia. She considers her simple life a gift from God, because it was God himself who raised her from the dead.

Fatuma tells The 700 Club, "For two months, I was very, very seriously sick."

One day Fatuma's mother came to care for her daughter. But her daughter passed away.

"She came and touched my face. I was cold. My eyes were open. She closed my eyes and straightened my legs," Fatuma says. "My mother cried when she found out that I was dead. Because of that, everybody came and started crying."

The pain Fatuma felt during her long sickness was finally over. Fatuma grew up Muslim but had converted to Christianity. She says after she died, she felt herself being drawn to heaven.

"I was very happy, and I was going with a very merry heart."

Along the way, Fatuma saw someone she recognized. It was her husband's brother, who had died two years earlier.

Fatuma recalls, "He came and took my hands, and he took me away. I felt like the earth was like an open ditch, but I had gone up very, very high. When I crossed and went away from the valley, I reached a place where everybody was dressed in gold. I looked at the earth as very dirty, but where I was was very free and clean."

Back at her home, more and more people were coming to mourn Fatuma's passing.