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    Having a Cash Bar At Your Wedding?!?


    by nuptialstv

    174 views Weddings are expensive, and one tempting way to cut costs would be to have a cash bar at your reception… especially if you know your alcoholic uncle or college student cousins are going to be putting more than a few away over the course of an evening. But to be totally honest, a cash bar is kind of a tacky no no for a wedding reception… you have invited guests to your formal event, and they shouldn’t have to pay for anything… especially if they had to travel to come celebrate your special day. But there are a few ways to cut down on liquor cots… you can limit what kinds of drinks are being offered instead of just offering anything other the sun. You can stick to just wine or a “signature cocktail” that you and your spouse have picked, and then you can make sure you don’t have to pay for opened bottles of liquor that didn’t get finished. But the best way to cut costs is to find out if your venue will allow you to provide your own liquor… that way, you can buy everything wholesale and save a lot of money. But don’t charge your guests for booze… there is no quicker way to anger a person looking to celebrate your wedding than to try and charge them for their libations.