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    Bridal Shower - Who Can Throw It?


    by nuptialstv

    609 views Traditionally, it’s considered a faux pas for the bride’s mother, sister, or relative to throw the bridal shower, because it seems like they are soliciting gifts for their family member. But times have changed, and with increasing frequency, moms and sisters are getting involved in throwing bridal showers. When the maid of honor isn’t from the city that the wedding is taking place in, it only makes sense for a relative from the city to take over hosting duties if they have “home field advantage.” And besides, why is it more appropriate for a friend to solicit gifts for the bride than her mother or sister? Because the shower is about gifts anyway you cut it, so the relative rule is kind of dated anyway. So if you have a mother, sister, or other close relative who is enthusiastic about throwing or hosting your bridal shower, by all means, let them do it. You don’t have to stick to any outdated rules, right?