Adult Oriented Wedding Party


by nuptialstv

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nuptials.com So you want your reception to be a more formal, adult oriented 18 and over event, and you’re wondering how to inform your guests of this. Many of your friends and family will be eager to have an adult oriented night off from their kids, but you need to make sure they are informed in a classy way that doesn’t feel exclusive. It’s NOT a good idea to put “Adults Only” on the actual invitations… because that comes off as a bit too blunt, and you want a more subtle and graceful way of informing your guests. The first thing to do is to make sure the invitations are addressed just to the people you are inviting… if you are inviting a couple, address the envelope as “Mr. and Mrs. So and So.” Most people will take this as a cue that their kids are not invited, but if their RSVP is returned with their kids included, call them up and inform them of the situation. Most people will not argue, but for those who give you a hard time, do not back down and let them bring their kids… this will only make other parents who got a sitter for your reception feel resentful that they weren’t allowed to bring their kids. And remember, it’s your wedding day… you get to invite who you want, so don’t let anybo