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    Say What? SkyConnect's SatPhone Solutions

    Aero-TV Network

    by Aero-TV Network

    Affordable Airborne Communications Via Iridium Airborne communications is a process we depend upon everyday... for conventional aviation-oriented matters... but what happens when we need to make a "phone" call while still aviating? I mean... who ya gonna call? Well, how about Sky Connect? An industry leader in Iridium-based voice and tracking systems for aircraft, with certified systems flying on every type of aircraft throughout the world, Sky Connect phones can be integrated into cockpit headsets, provide simple single-handset service, or provisioned to support an executive jet with up to four cordless phones per line with access to e-mail and the Internet. More than 2,000 aircraft around the world are flying with Sky Connect equipment. Sky Connect tells ANN and Aero-TV that they offer a range of satellite-based tracking, text messaging, and telephone systems for airborne, ground-based, and marine applications in both the commercial and government markets. Sky Connect provides automated flight tracking with true worldwide coverage. Aircraft phone systems support headset interfaces plus corded or cordless handsets. Sky Connect uses the Iridium satellite network for complete Earth coverage and mission effectiveness. Let's Listen In On An Aero-TV Interview About Sky Connect Satphone Systems FMI: Copyright 2008, Aero-News Network, Inc., ALL Rights Reserved.