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    Slobo MILOSOVIC was INOCENT! His Hague trial was a MASCARADE

    Mihai Viteazul

    by Mihai Viteazul

    His Hague "trial" was intended to be a justification for NATO's illegal bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999.

    When they saw they have NOTHNG,No evidence, they tried to take him down with false witnesses like the one in this movie.

    After that, when it was clear that SLOBODAN MILOSOVIC cannot Be charged with Genocide, because he DIDN't do that, HE DIED UNDER SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES in detention at Hague...

    My very personal feelings:

    SLOBO, you were a hero!
    You were the only one brave enough to stand againgst Clinton's and NATO's tirany!

    Eventhough you lost the war,begause the entire NATO had a much much stronger army,and they statred to kill innocent civilians in cowardly bombings of Belgrade and other important cities, morally, you were a WINNER!

    God rest your soul in peace!
    You were a good and BRAVE man!

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