Gordon the Big Engine - Re-enacment {All 4 Stories!}


by Dan5589

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Gordon brags that he never had an accident like Henry did with the Flying Kipper, even though it wasnt his fault.

when he is announced to take the special train (Which is Trucks), He's refused to work until Edward took him to Vicorstown on the turntable to be turned, while being turned, He was thinking of getting out of it by jamming it but backfired as he couldnt stop and slithering into the ditch!

And After he got out of the ditch that evening, He now felt like a sadder and wiser engine.

After Gordon got cleaned, The Fat Controller sterned at Gordon that he is no longer pulling the express until he is useful again and was pulling good trains instead.
He didnt like that as he bumped the Trucks around the yard, and He even warned James that his hill is slippery and need some help but James wouldnt listen and thought he couldnt manage, But as he got into Gordon's Hill, He tryed to get to the top but couldnt!, He slipped back down and need Gordon's help after all!

Thomas teases Gordon about that he fell into the ditch and he enjoyed it, until when he had to get to work at the mine, He just puffed past the board when He was of course, Headed for Trouble!
and fell into the mine!, He couldnt get out!, And The Fat Controller couldnt get him out with cranes either.

But will Gordon pull him out?

The Queen is coming to sodor and Henry bet he'll be chosen and gets a new coat of paint, He was proud of himself until one cloudy day, His massive black smoke made the painter fell off his ladder and dropped his paint pot which had fell onto his boiler!

Later Gordon and Thomas apoligies the fat controller for their earlier incidents, He'd forgive them and after that, they'd been given special jobs for the queen, They were feeling lot happier now. Especially Gordon when he is pulling the queen's train.


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