Touche pas a mon pays


par Maghrebi_vrai

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Mentally unstable Moroccans like yourself enjoy living in the past from what i see here!
France, Spain and Portugal all booted-out the Arabs from the Iberian penninsula that you invaded and illegally squatted on! It will never be yours so you may want to adjust your medications, if you dare?

Spanish Ceuta for 434 years and counting, Spanish Melilla for over 517 years and counting. Dream On Misinformed Morrocan.

Moreover, El Rif, North Morocco and Spanish Sahara ALL SPANISH so you may want to give those back since all the above territories were Spanish before Morocco ever existed!

Morocccans, like yourself, should focus their energies on riding the economically collapsed and poverty stricken country of the tyranical King running it. If you truly love your country that is??
Par Spain4LifeIl y a 2 ans
abdelkader meziani
2010 toujours sous occupation ! je pense que cela ne peut arriver en Algérie
Par abdelkader mezianiIl y a 6 ans