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    Closeup1 05-06 3rd Round & SMS Round Epi 01 Part 02


    by closeup12000

    Please visit here for more information... and , and Description: Mahadi, Mehrab, Beauty, Soniya, Ariful, Rashed, Ringku, Piya, Rajib, Nolok Babu, Rumi, Aunana, Nowrin - these all are very famous singer and artist to the audience because of only program. Million and Million audience loves this program named “ Closeup One-Tomakei Khujeche Bangladesh”. This program run continuously 6 month due to extremely famous. This program is run by Tanvir Ahmed and Mostofa Zaman Raihani. About 40000, participated with famous judge named Kumar, Sakila Jafor, Ahmed Imtiaz Bulbul and Samina Chowdhuri. 2nd Round Selection and Result