Wanna learn how to Belly Dance?

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Belly Motions, Inc. was founded in January 2005 by aspiring Belly Dance Performer Portia Lange and Musician Sergio Sanchez. These two artists took their passion for dance and music aiming high to establish what is quickly becoming a premier studio of Middle Eastern Dance in the Miami area.

Belly Motions is a school that aims to provide a comfortable, non-competitive environment where individuals learn how to Belly Dance with step-by-step program. Belly Motions welcomes individuals of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds. Anyone can learn how to Belly Dance!
Belly Dance...for fun, for fitness, for femininity. Is your belly in motion?

Courtesy of Belly Motions on MOLI.com.

Want more? Visit us at http://www.moli.com/p/register//50000170

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Belly dancing truly means freedom and beauty. When a person is absorbed in dancing he or she just forgets about the world which makes him feel the freedom of the mind and the body. Belly dancing is one of the best and beautiful forms of dancing which have fascinated people around the world.
By Rose Jackson 2 years ago