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    Laura Stoica - 3 martie 2006 la Teo

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    In Memoriam Laura Stoica!

    Laura Stoica (October 10, 1967 - March 9, 2006) was a Romanian singer, composer and actress.

    In 1986 she graduated from the "Popular Arts School" in Târgovişte with a degree in classic canto . Afterwards, she participated at all the major new-talent contests held in Romania. In 1989 she got a one year singing contract at "Toma Caragiu" Theatre in Ploieşti.

    Laura was also an actress. She graduated from the Ecological University of Bucharest in 2000, with a degree in drama.

    Laura Stoica made her debut in 1990, at the "Mamaia" festival, with the Un actor grăbit song ("An Actor in a hurry", written by Bogdan Cristinoiu). The following year she was declared the best pop-rock singer and Un actor grăbit became the song of the year. Her debut album, entitled Focul (The Fire) was released in 1994. Since then, Laura's songs have been included in many compilations. Her second album, Nici o stea ("Any Star") was released in 1997.

    On March 9, 2006, Laura Stoica and her fiancé lost their lives in a car accident near Urziceni. She was pregnant at the time.