Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Isaac Yankem DDS Part 1


by TSteck160

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What was wrong with them? A 6 ft 10 in, near giant competitor and the best gimmick they could come up with for him is a dentist with bad teeth?
By Skye Reynolds 7 years ago
i would not want him to be mine dentist.
By 2junior 7 years ago
Either Kane was taking roids back then or he's let himself get out of shape. He has a beer gut now.

By tank_dogg06 7 years ago
well bret and dds did have ONE good match . i t was on raw and in a cage and lawler interfeared and was put up in the sky in his own cage and he got a nose bleed.
By phillip sanders 7 years ago
See how lame the gimmicks were in the WWE at one time.
By blakdreamer 7 years ago
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