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    Armies Of Exigo : Intro

    Marc Thpmarc

    par Marc Thpmarc

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    Studio : digicpictures

    After the success of the Intro film for Armies of Exigo, Digic created four additional short films for the game, totaling almost 10 minutes of rendered cinematics. Three short films (Human, Beast, Fallen) introduce the leaders of each participating race in a typical situation. The Outro explains the unfolding conflict toward the end of the game. While the purpose of the Intro was to set up the game’s beginning, all
    others were created to explain the story and relate to it. The implementation of all short films exhibits a meticulous effort for quality, while keeping a constant atmosphere.

    Mainly used software: Alias Maya, Syflex, Pixar Renderman, Eyeon Digital Fusion, D2 Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Maxon BodyPaint