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    Bloodbath : Ominous Bloodvomit | live music only

    Bob Arctor

    par Bob Arctor

    704 vues
    Stomach slashed open, he wields his blade
    Obsessed with flesh from evil he was made
    In my own blood soon my killer will wade
    Puts glass into my mouth, a diet grim
    Fills me up with pain above the brim

    Vomit of blood ominous sign
    Puts my health on a steady decline
    Terrifying scum bastards of the earth
    Life turns into torture amid its darkened mirth

    Flooding blood from every hole
    Carving out the remains of my soul
    Steaming out my eyes, what a terrible deed
    The more I pray for mercy the more I bleed

    Sacrificed to the freak
    Still alive but so weak
    His obsession will put me to death
    And he smiles when I take my last breath

    Zombiefication through torture
    Terror, blood, guts and gore
    Living dead, life in death
    I scream but I only want more