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    Launching of the Justice for Mutturt campaign June 17th 2008

    Action contre la Faim

    par Action contre la Faim

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    Muttur Massacre: ACF Denounces Ineffective Legal Procedures in Sri Lanka.
    ACF demands an international inquiry into the assassination of its 17 aid workers in Muttur, Sri Lanka
    Muttur, Sri Lanka—On August 4, 2006, 17 members of Action Against Hunger / Action Contre la Faim (ACF) were brutally executed while carrying out humanitarian programs in Muttur, Sri Lanka—the most heinous crimes ever committed against a non-governmental organization. Following these atrocities, several legal proceedings were initiated in Sri Lanka, but today, after nearly two years of effort, ACF is forced to recognize the failure of these procedures and the blatant lack of will of the Sri Lankan government to establish the truth.

    As a result of these failings, Action Against Hunger has officially left the country, withdrawing from all legal proceedings currently underway in Sri Lanka. ACF sees the launching of an international inquiry as the only reliable means for identifying the perpetrators, and ACF is committed to publicizing the full range of obstacles encountered over the past two years of legal proceedings at the national level.