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    Change Your Image, Change Your Life!!

    Ken Hall

    by Ken Hall

    The conscious mind uses the left brains power of rationalization and logic to be selective and discriminative of what it is presented. Simply put, this means that the conscious mind has the ability to choose what to believe and what not to believe. This is a common problem with using affirmations to program the subconscious mind on a conscious level and plays a big factor why some people have found affirmations to be unsuccessful.

    As an example, you return from the doctor where tests have confirmed you have a major illness, such as cancer. Using your positive affirmations to tell yourself that you are healthy and free of disease consciously allows your conscious mind to be selective in receiving that statement as truth. While many have been successful with affirmations in situations such as this and others, your conscious mind can still create a barrier of disbelief and choose not to believe your affirmation knowing that it has seen the proof in the doctor’s tests that you do in fact have the serious illness. This is not the case when using your affirmations on a subconscious level.

    The subconscious mind is extremely receptive to that in which it is presented unlike the conscious mind. It does not discriminate and in fact stores all the information it receives as factual. Using positive affirmations at night while you sleep, you are in fact reprogramming the way your mind thinks. Through this use, it is easier and faster to affect this change on the conscious level. The next time your conscious mind is reviewing the status of your health, it is receiving the newly rewritten responses that your body is healthy and free of illness that you have been programming into your subconscious. The conscious barrier has been bypassed.