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    Writing Thank You & Invitation Letters: Social Letters ...

    Writing Better Social Letters is an educational film staring two teenagers, Nora and her older brother Walter, who learn how to write an effective social letter. Nora can’t seem to get her thank-you letter right, so Walter becomes her letter writing tutor and helps her through explanation and examples of proper letter writing. He tells her that a letter should sound like her normal speaking voice instead of overly formal and stilted. When Nora wonders why she should even bother, Walter shows her why letter writing is important to keep in touch with friends and family. He shows her examples of all kinds of social letters: thank you cards, invitations, and get well cards. Nora begins to realize the value of keeping in touch with proper letter writing! By the end, Nora has ditched her ripped notebook paper and pencil for proper letter stock and a pen, and is busily writing a thank you letter to her grandparents, using proper letter writing etiquette.