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firstamericantv.com Hey, this is Joseph Yomtoubian and you're watching FirstAmericanTV.com, your number one online source for Real Estate news and advice. People tend to buy a home without thinking through all the repercussions. The first and most important thing to think about is if your job future is certain. And if your company plans on lay offs or the economy is in a downturn, as it is now, you might be able to say that your job is totally secure. Also, many people who are married but are having problems sometimes look to buying a home as a quick solution to their problems. What people don't realize is that a house will not cure marital strife. It can actually cause more problems with mortgage payments create a huge mess if the couple gets divorced. Thanks for watching FirstAmericanTV.com. I'm Joseph Yomtoubian. Check back soon for more real estate news and advice!