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    Sparks #1


    by shazap

    50 views Believe it or not he’s making a comic, that’s right William Katt TV’s Greatest American Hero has created a new comic, Sparks, along with a new line called Catastrophic Comics. I welcome the line, the more companies we have out there producing material, the more there is for us to read and the more opportunity there is for new talent to be discovered. The question is does this book live up to the standards for excellence that William Katt promises in the beginning of the book. In my opinion, it’s too early to tell. This was an introduction and not a lot happened. It wasn’t boring enough to drive me away, but it wasn’t anything that got me really fired up for the next issue. I didn’t really like the art work, the colors were amazing, but the art was too sketchy for me and rough. Especially the female lead, who has a manlier jaw line than superman and doesn’t convey the beauty that Sparks sees. I’ll get the next issue and see how this series progresses but my hopes aren’t too high. If you are looking for something new this is worth checking out but it’s not anything revolutionary.