Iron Man #30


by shazap

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  • Add to You know you’d think with all the hype around the character this summer that marvel would really go all out and create some really big story lines for Iron man but instead they’ve gone for quantity over quality. They’ve released a ton of titles but none of them have really been great. I mean in this book Tony is chasing around an old colleague who has developed a nuclear bomb that cleans up after itself and is using it and another threat that sets off nukes. Where are the classic villains, and big challenges that are going to get us nostalgic about the character and want to read the book. It is also completely irrelevant to what is going on in the marvel universe. I appreciate that marvel doesn’t require you to buy every title in their catalogue to follow the major event but at least make it relevant in your character’s title especially when they are playing as big a part as Tony Stark is. It’s just so disappointing because there is so much potential for compelling stories and to draw in new readers from the Invasion and they have just let it go. I’m just surprised.