The Amazing Spiderman #563


by shazap

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shazap.com So, we’ve got Spidey versus the enforces on Coney Island. Can you guess how this is going to turn out? Not very exciting. I get that they are bringing back the Spider Tracer mystery and I’m sure that whoever it is that is trying to frame Spiderman for the crimes will lead to some big reveal but really do they have to make us work so hard to stick with it? Again I hate the fact that they have erased so much of continuity. You know what it is I was a big fan of the Michael Strazinsky stuff and how he made Peter’s spider powers more than just a freak accident and I feel that with this Brand New Day they just pissed all over it. It didn’t happen and that’s that. This is especially frustrating because it comes at a time when the rest of the marvel universe is progressing forward in such a big way. Spiderman is present in the invasion stuff but where does that take place in his solo title. Is the Peter in the invasion books before or after the Brand new day because the brand new day is definitely after civil war but the invasion is now where to be found in the spidey books. The one good thing about this being three times a month is that it will be over faster. Can you imagine if this was delivered on a monthly schedule? I mean we’ve already had over a years worth of books. I think I would have completely given up on it if that was the case. Well I’ve ranted enough on this book, let me know what you think as well as who you think is framing Spidey by leaving a comment on the screen below.