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    First Born Aftermath #1


    by shazap

    This was a huge case of leaping before I looked. It was a light week so I saw that there was a first issue on the shelf and I grabbed it. Little did I know that it is apparently something to do with the Top Cow titles Darkness, Magdalena, and possibly Witch Blade too. The story was entertaining enough in itself but there was not much explanation or back story. If you are into any of the Top Cow titles then you will probably like this one. If you are looking for art look elsewhere. It wasn’t bad, but it was just blaw. The fight between the Magdalena and the angel was pretty cool but it didn’t have much fluidity in its sequencing. If this was meant to draw in new readers it didn’t work. However, if you are a Top Cow reader then you probably still won’t be that entertained it just wasn’t that exciting.