Justice League America #22

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by shazap

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shazap.com The JLA has been less than impressive lately but I figured I’d give them a new try as they move into a new story arch called “The Second Coming”. I’ve always enjoyed the Red Tornado and his struggles between his machinery and his humanity. This is the eighth time that he is being transferred into a new body and of course something is going to go wrong. Just as they are getting ready to make the transfer into a new and improved body amazo awakens inside the old one and downloads himself into the new body after wrecking some of the Justice League. I like that they have brought back Amazo because he is a real threat and will lend himself to some really great action sequences. While this story arch looks to be worth trying out I still have a hard time getting really into the book. It reads like the old TV shows where a plan is set up, something goes wrong and by the skin of their teeth the heroes escape and save the day. It’s just all a little predictable. At least this one should have some great action to keep your attention.