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    Melipona Bee Defies Evolution

    Exploration Films

    by Exploration Films

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    Chris Fox
    except the idea that the plant didnt appear out of thin air. if that was the case then sure it would present a valid issue, but the plant, going along with the theory of eveolution, very well may have not had the septum in the first place and later developed it thus making it over time so the only insect able to access it was the beneficial bee. see fi you look at everything with the problem that creationism presents you cant find the evolutionary explanation. its using misleading logic to create a seemingly unsolvable answer to pigeonhole your answer. by not presenting the problem in a way that can direct all channels of thought its really just manipulation.
    By Chris FoxLast year
    Right On Turtle! You get a gold star!!!
    By sparkfuzz5 years ago
    Evo-Freak, he isn't saying that the bee wouldn't live. He is saying that the plant would have died and become extinct. Even in your explanation you left out a point he made. Where did the bee learn how to open it so that is could be pollinated? You can't say that the bee learned how to overtime because the plant can't sit around and just wait for the bee to learn how to pollinate it, because it would have died without off without pollination. Without pollinations plants don't produce seeds.

    His argument is that the bee had to know how to access the plant in order for it to still be alive today. How did the bee know how to access it? It didn't have the time to learn because the plant wouldn't have lasted long enough for the bee to learn.

    Therefore, evolution can't be used to explain the knowledge that the bee had. Because the bee didn't gain the knowledge, it would of had to already have the knowledge. Sounds like an argument for creationism if you ask me.
    By Turtle_Titan6 years ago
    The presenter fails to make any mention of the fact that the melipona bee does not require the vanilla orchid in order to survive, it will visit many other flowers.

    So the orchid could cover its stamen with a septum at any time and the bee would still be able to open it and polinate it. Indeed the advantage of this is that only the bee (which might have visted another vanilla orchid) couild take the nectar and polen.

    Bees are better as they visit more flowers than other insects as they collect polen and nectar for the hive and not for themselves, so by denying acess to the flower the orchid needs to flower for a shorter time and produce less nectar and polen.

    Many closely related orchids have similar mechanisms, an argument for evolution, not against.
    By Evo-Freak7 years ago