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    Bombardier Beetle Defies Evolution

    Exploration Films

    by Exploration Films

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    UPDATE: --- watch it here
    Tom LeJeune
    I find it somewhat ironic that this man keeps makings the claim that evolution relies on assumptions, while making the assumption that its impossible for a creature like the bombardier beetle to evolve from another creature. Just because scientists haven't discovered exactly how the bombardier beetle evolved it's defense mechanism doest negate the entire evolutionary theory. It simply means that we don't fully understanding it yet. The idea that something is so complex that it would take an all knowing omnipotent being to create it is a far bigger assumption then anything that the actual scientist have thrown out there.
    By Tom LeJeune5 years ago
    I'm in college right now and even I know that teachers shy away from creationism. But, lets say he did lie about never hearing about it. Does that change the fact that this beetle couldn't have evolved but was made the way it is? The point he has proven has nothing to do with whether or not he has previously heard about creationism.

    The point is, that this insect couldn't have evolved to gain this unique ability because it would have blown itself up. By blowing itself up that would end the evolution of this beetle. Therefore can you use evolution to explain the animals we have today, but leave a couple of things out because evolution doesn't work with them? Sorry doesn't work like that Branedred.
    By Turtle_Titan6 years ago
    This guy is full of it. Everyone knows about creationism. There is no way anyone would go all the way through a doctorate degree in science without ever hearing of creationism. You've lost all credibility with me, dude.
    By branedred6 years ago