messin with a guitar sound (will be on my next CD)

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**this tune will be on my next CD - I came up with this jam recently so I don't have it available yet. thanks for all the emails and interest in it! can't wait til it's done (hopefully late summer of 2008 - no hard date yet).

just havin some fun with a guitar sound on the Motif XS8. The patch I'm playing with is called Hard Ramp AS1&2. I made the background beat using FL Studio.

PS. I've read some reviews of this vid as if I'm trying to be a "keytar" player (apparently not a desirable thing, but how can you not like Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein") and that I should just play a real guitar. LOL @ some of those same people who probably play guitar hero (nothing against it but hopefully you see my point)! The irony! The point is, folks, if you find a fun/inspiring sound to jam with, by all means, you should JAM WITH IT! I don't care if you find a $3.00 plastic trumpet. Don't worry about the technicalities and what people say. In the long run it's about the fun that YOU have making music.

Thanks for watching!!!

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on dirait du buckethead :D géniale mec !!
Par GODIN sébastien Il y a 5 ans
Voilà un mec qui a du talent et qui mérite son titre de motion maker ou créative content j'en sait rien.
C'est excellent !
Par KizaruLee. Il y a 5 ans
srx mec tu gère xD
Par madex Il y a 6 ans
yé poto , i'm looking for a bad boy like you ,,,, contact me ,,,,,, enfoiré cé du lourd ton bordel
i prepare my third album ,,,, you must be IN
Par FREKODING.FR Il y a 6 ans
probablement sa meilleur chanson. Excellent, l'album aussi d'ailleurs
Par rémy Vitteau Il y a 6 ans
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