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    U2 * Bullet The Blue Sky * Popmart Jo'burg 98


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    "Rattle and hum" 1988

    Popmart Johannesburg 1998

    Formidable communion du groupe avec le public sud-africain. Interprétation étonnante de "Bullet the blue sky". cette tournée Popmart et l'album "Pop - 1997" sont la période ou le groupe s'est tourné en autodérision *****


    In the howlin' wind
    Comes a stingin' rain
    See it drivin' nails
    Into the souls on the tree of pain.

    From the firefly
    A red orange glow
    See the face of fear
    Runnin' scared in the valley below.

    Bullet the blue sky
    Bullet the blue sky
    Bullet the blue
    Bullet the blue.

    In the locust wind
    Comes a rattle and hum.
    Jacob wrestled the angel
    And the angel was overcome.

    You plant a demon seed
    You raise a flower of fire.
    We see them burnin' crosses
    See the flames, higher and higher.

    Woh, woh, bullet the blue sky
    Bullet the blue sky
    Bullet the blue
    Bullet the blue.

    Suit and tie comes up to me
    His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
    Like all the colours of a royal flush
    And he's peelin' off those dollar bills
    (Slappin' 'em down)
    One hundred, two hundred.

    I can see those Iraki children
    And I can see those fighter planes
    And I can see those fighter planes
    Across the mud huts as children sleep
    Through the alleys of a quiet city street.
    Up the staircase to the first floor
    We turn the key and slowly unlock the door
    As a man breathes into his saxophone
    And through the walls you hear the city groan.
    Outside, is America
    Outside, is America

    See across the field
    See the sky ripped open
    See the rain comin' through the gapin' wound
    Howlin' the women and children
    Who run into the arms
    Of America.

    We run
    The irish run
    All africans run
    South east asians running
    United Kingdom running
    United States are running
    into the arms of america