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    Gateway to the Gods


    by neverknwo

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    Taliesin McKnight
    So the freemasons are really scientists and they are trying to take away faith in jesus so that a inter-dimensional doorway can open for satan and alien beings to enter our world. LOL. damn. lay off the acid, dude.
    By Taliesin McKnight5 years ago
    I feel dumber by having listened to this wacko's explanation of Physics. On behalf of the real scientific community you get a D-. Please reread your material and make sure you understand it before you decide to "educate" others.
    By 0penup6 years ago
    I really liked the subversive use of the matrix that you dubbed over. Didn't have a problem with the music. I must say you couldn't write a script any crazier than the idea of super colliders bringing back Satan. Isn't this crazy that it seems worthwhile to ponder this? I'm totally willing to accept that I'm being fooled. I know that I have been times infinity. Did, I hear you claim that eventhough you think this machine is real and that its being built that its really just a distraction from faith in Jesus? I realize as I type that this is what is so crazy about stepping into a mystical discussion. I think the Bible and Judaism are made by people to control people and that Jesus isn't real; but, you have to believe in Jesus to believe in the illuminati don't you? Unless, they're just crazy which is possible. Then all the other things would fall - Annunaki, etc. Then we're back in Alex Jones freedom fighter world. Fascinating time to live even if its negative.
    By sirdouglas467 years ago
    Is it one of those things where you're supposed to be on acid to understand what's going on? :p

    Seriously though, the soundtrack was kinda sloppy, and according to the legend under the applet, the vid was supposed to talk about so-called mystery holes of which I haven't seen a trace of apart from that bgham mail article.

    I think it would've been interesting to talk about it, try and gather info or discuss the veracity or possibilities behind mystery holes.
    But instead you have a series of excerpts/posters that don't seem to be linked (apart from the metaphysical aspect), and because of the lack of clarity, stupid people, like myself, won't get it.
    So sorry mate, but I don't understand your vid, and I don't like it because of the soundtrack.
    If you did as good a job on the legend than on the video, added verbal comments and background research, I'm sure people would like the vid more, and find it easier to follow.

    By Revellart317 years ago