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Fred Goudon
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Gilles Marini by Fred Goudon ©2008

5 commentaires

does anyone have gilles shower scene in sex and city where he flaunts his butt yummy
Par rakju il y a 5 ans
i like it allot! gilles is yummy!
Par bigbuckswife il y a 5 ans
I saw your muse in "Sex and the City" his prescence and captivating aura makes a good actor and a model by just staying still ...Gilles must have gained a lot of experience from you to be able to completely command attention and have him beloved by the camera. Very few people can master the art.
Par Bradley Delotavo il y a 6 ans
i wonder why you always don't show the most attractive part of a male body..
Par david il y a 6 ans
really nice shots, thanks for this video :)
Par just4id il y a 6 ans