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    MercedesBenz E320 BluTec


    by rpmfreaks

    545 views If you want a luxury car with a powerful diesel engine but still want to get maximum MPGs, then the Mercedes-Benz E320 BluTec might just be your dream car. Featuring a 3-liter V6 powerplant, the car has major power under its hood comparable to a V8 engine, yet it still achieves an amazing 23 miles per gallon in city traffic and an even more spectacular 32 MPGs when you open it up and take it on the highway. It's a big and luxurious car with the fuel efficiency of a small sedan, and it might just be the car you are looking for if you want to impress people with a swank new car that will go easy on mother nature and keep you away from the gas pump for as long as possible. I'm HOST and you've been watching RPMFreaks.Com. I'll see you on the road.