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    Mythology Themes in Movies: Hercules Captive and the Women

    Hercules and the Captive Women is as spectacular as it sounds: heavenly meteors, powerful evil queens, midgets, and bodybuilders in togas. But what takes this film to the next level is that writer and director Vittorio Cottafavi clearly loved ancient Greek mythology and crafted a clever script that’s true to the source and tons of fun. Hercules and his friend King Androcles get shipwrecked on a strange island ruled by a beautiful and terrible queen, played by the stunning Fay Spain. Muscleman Reg Park cuts a striking figure as an angular and bulky Hercules, perfect for the part. When Androcles is captured by the queen, Hercules must uncover the source of her uncanny powers. Along with all this goofy goodness, the film is bolstered by some well crafted special effects and (intentionally) hilarious dubbing. Hercules and the Captive Women is flat out one of the best sword and sandal flicks ever made.