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    East two West_Irena PASKALI



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    "It seems that all my life I'm dancing on a wire stretched between two fortresses." Departure-the trip from East to West. it is always like a stretched rope which is unsecured and you can easily fall and get lost. The rope merges, serves for transport, but it is not secured.Do all who walk successfully reach their destination? Are all of them satisfied with their trip? We, the Eastman are known as "bare-man". What can we lose in the western world? Nothing, only our own bare life Arrival I want to present the impact of the politics information which simply trap us, limit us. Here are meaningful social-political scenes starting from the past up to today. Politics is everything. It is morning, noon, evening, mum, dad.... We are lactated with it from morning till dark. Our society, our system, our survival and in the end our living depends on politics. Politics decides for whole our lives. It is our life's circulation. Survival is an answer to the first. East arrived to the West. Bare footed Will he loose himself, of he has found his better road? A question to which I personally do not have an answer, what do you think about that?