Thisis50 - Full Conversation Between 50 Cent And Young Buck


by Thisis50

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trop bonne video^^ ;) .. ...........
By fluffy199 5 years ago
I enjoy watching your content. ..i feel lonely though.. ..
By tricky-trish 5 years ago
50 CENT is the man, niggas always try hate a nigga that self made and who strong enough to himself, nigga want reach some where he run to 50 and shit get good all of a sudden he made himself rich. u know wat niggas just hate to give dues and credit for put them on..yeah dats some reakl hate when a real nigga kindom dont fall ....for who hate 50. go be jay z fan fake ass self promoter dat got u all hipnotized with made up stories of being the rapper..the best rappers are ded. peace out..ggggunit
By bulletgaurd 5 years ago
50 is A BItch
By Terence DeMakiavel 7 years ago
lol i think some people are forgetting what buck has done 2 50, hes lucky he even spoke 2 him
and from the convo it sounds like 50 was about 2 give him another chance
its all good being on buck's side coz hes the weaker person but u gotta see it from both points of view...
By karma4 7 years ago
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