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    Scene Girls - Medium Length Hair


    by emoworldtv

    968 views Layer layer and layer your hair. I can n ot emphasize the word layer enough. Having it razored will create the best scene effect. Start with brown or black with another color in the fringe or back looks great. Blonde with pink, blue, or green streaks can also look amazing. Keep in mind that you'll be straightening your hair. Use a hot oil or similar hair treatment weekly, such as Aussie 3 minute miracle, to reduce damage from the hairspray, straightening, and combing. Remember to have it poofed! Which means use hairspray and even some backcombing. Again, use a lot of hairspray, and stay away from hair gel. Serum is okay, just use it in moderation. Use bow clips, ribbons polka dot scarves to add a little flair.