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    Mod StargateTC 2 Trailer


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    Official Trailer of Stargate TC 2

    StarGate Total Conversion 2 (SGTC 2) is a modification (also called a "mod") for the First Person Shooter game Half-Life 2. This modification theme is the Stargate world (mainly about the SG1 show before the 9th season).

    A mod is a game created by modifying an already existing game. The modifications can be applied to the weapons, the characters, the maps, the game code etc. SGTC 2 plans on replacing every weapon and character of Half-Life 2 and intends to create whole new maps with the Stargate atmosphere. The sounds and a part of the code will be replaced. SGTC 2 should thus look like a game entirely dedicated to the Stargate world.

    SGTC2 will first be a multiplayer mod. A solo or coop mode could show up later.