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    Yoga Poses, Yoga Videos: Knees & Ankles


    by yogabody777

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    STANDING YOGA POSES: ardha baddha padmottanasana
    Ardha baddha padmottanasana is a simple-looking pose, but there are a lot of complex and delicate movements happening. To begin with, you take your right foot up on top of your left thigh. If you look at the top of your left thigh, there is a crease in the skin where the hip starts: this is where you want to place the foot. The outside wall of the right foot should fit right into that crease.

    GRAB THE TOE: ardha baddha padmottanasana
    The next step is to allow the right knee to gently move downward so it points toward the floor. Take your right hand and wrap it around the back. Slide your thumb between the first and second two (if possible), and again, allow the knee to gently drop down again. If you cannot reach the big toe, use a towel to catch the foot and hold the towel instead. Another option is to NOT bind and first work on opening the knee, hip, and ankle.

    When you forward bend, that’s when you need to be particularly careful. Move slowly and carefully, avoiding any sharp pain in the right knee. Use your left hand as a 2nd “foot” on the floor, drop your head, and again, allow the right knee to soften backwards. Come back up the same way, carefully, bending your standing knee as need to avoid straining your joints.

    If your knees are sensitive, it can be very helpful to “click” your knee before rotating. To do this, bend your knee to your chest and pull your heal toward your bum BEFORE you attempt to rotate the knee. Just this action alone can prevent strains.

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