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    Yoga Poses, Yoga Videos: Backbends


    by yogabody777

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    Before your try this posture, you need to have a fairly open back. What I mean by that is you should be able to hold a full wheel pose with straight arms for at least a minute. You should be able to walk around in wheel pose (like a kid on the playground) without any sharp pain or loss of breath. Finally, you should be able to come up on your tip toes, and alternatively, come up on the tips of your fingers (not at the same time though).

    Traditionally, dropbacks are taught straight away after 3 wheel poses held for just 5 breaths each. For some people, this is OK. For most, it’s awful. Most of us have a lot of tension in our bodies and 3 backbends at 5 breaths each has only just touched the surface. So here’s what I do…

    1) Do full wheel pose with straight arms for 30 breaths
    2) Don’t move or adjust or anything
    3) Do it again for 30 breaths
    4) Do it a 3rd time for 30 breaths and then take a rest
    5) On your forth go, you might be pretty exhausted, but that’s OK. Rock back and forth, feet-to-fingers 3 times and then lower down.

    *optional next steps*

    If all of the forward above steps went OK, the next step to actually come up to stand. Anatomically, this is simple. In practice, it’s a little tricky. Here’s what you do:
    1) Rock 3 times, and on the 3rd rock, press all the weight into your heals
    2) Try to look BACK at your bum (do not lift your head)
    3) Let your arms hang
    4) Push your hips and press into your heals
    5) Your body will either ROLL up to stand, or it won’t
    6) If it doesn’t, and you’re looking at your bum, you’ll just gently lower back down