RoV AMV - My love has curly curly hair

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Original title of the song: Yar saclarin lule lule

This is my first AMV. It took me three days to make the video (and 2 days to make the subtitles X_X) The reason why I chose a Turkish traditional song is just to have some fun basically XP I put the scenes in order so that they fit the lyrics and I provided subtitles so that everyone can understand. This is supposed to be a funny video, so even if I manage to make you smile a little that's a victory for me ^^

Warning: This is an old song. Even I looked up some Turkish words in order to fully understand the song so I can understand if the subtitles don't make much sense. Sorry ^^ I might make changes in them later.

This video was inspired by an awesome RoV AMV, Hans! Axel! Von! Fersen!

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Yotube da izledim bunu ne zaman izlesem gülüyorum. Çok espirili tebrikler.
lfmbtr 5 sene önce
çok tesekurler !

La rose de versailles est un manga fabuleux qui dépasse toutes les frontières
girltrunks 6 sene önce
Thank you very much ^_^
Happii 6 sene önce
It's great to share your video with others and to have translate the song, thank you! Your amv is very good!
Anilèm 6 sene önce
Super cette vidéo avec la chanson
Lady Oscar traverse toutes les frontières !!!

je suis une fan française et on adore Oscar et André : leur hsitoire d'amour est trop belle et trop tragique !!!


jarjayes87 7 sene önce