Walid Shoebat -- Koran and Bible are Opposites

Henry G

by Henry G

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Walid Shoebat, an ex-radical Muslim, convert to Christianity after comparing the content of the Holy Bible to the Quran's.


Is it possible to have a subtitled french traduction?
Thank you?
By elqana levi 4 years ago
Everyone should read the Qu'ran, Hadiths and Surah merely to learn the truth! you will learn that the only reason that Islam claims to be peaceful is because these books declare that peace IS only under submission/conversion to Islam and Peace only exists in Islam and all that live outside of it are infidels or Kafirs! We are the enemies of Islam and live in the house of war! Jihad MUST be carried out until all are put under submission to Islam or destroyed! No other religion or government may exist and all must be destroyed as the Hindus, Jews and Christians etc have been slaughtered by the Hundreds of Millions with a special passion and since the inception of Muhammeds vile declarations by war! As Islam has conquered with the sword and sermon these last 1400 years so they intend to continue until we are all obliterated! Of course we have the option of becoming slaves, dimmis (wear the Islamic/Hitler star) or be put to death for refusing conversion! SUBMISSION/CONVERSION NEVER!
By Melo Gardener 5 years ago
Nice to see someone like Walid speaking the truth about Islam after 1400 years of unending slaughter by Islam! He merely speaks and shows the truth on this clip of just how violent Islamiism is! Thumbs up for this video!
By Melo Gardener 5 years ago
Walid Background
By melevin 5 years ago