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    Agent Steel - It'S Not What You Think


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    Agent Steel 1999 Omega Conspiracy It'S Not What You Think

    Something's wrong with the world
    Something's wrong with the view from here
    It's so hard to explain
    The Visions I see are rarely clear
    Just below the lie I am sure of hides the real
    Reality-We feed machines-with minds in need of worth

    Contact made with the truth
    Through lines of code on my computer screen
    Binary diamonds of proof
    Shining stars unlock doors made of dreams
    Beyond required imagination hides the hive
    Born from AI We live the lie cocooned in lieu of life

    With dreams we feed reality
    Your fantasy a fallacy?
    Imprisoned by your memory... a memory?

    There's no promise of peace
    There's no comfort and no guarantees
    Once the systems been killed
    We'll have no choice; we'll have to rebuild
    And life won't be the pretty picture you recall
    But it will be reality and you'll be free

    With dreams we feed reality
    Your fantasy a fallacy?
    If you could see what I have seen-would you destroy The Matrix?