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Zwei (Japanese pron: 'Dzuvai' (ヅヴァイ)) is a Japanese duo that debuted in May 2004 with the single Movie Star.

DISTANCE is the seventh single released by Zwei and their second on Universal Music. It will be their first single in which the members of Zwei will have written the lyrics, and both songs' lyrics have been written by Zwei. The single is said to be about "long-distance love".

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~lloooll Fantastic Thank you
Par ilearirina il y a 4 ans
j'adore ce groupe...
Par Cocotte913 il y a 6 ans
;P Esque tu là? Sa Te férangeré Pas De me L'envoiyé?
Par Ishikawa il y a 6 ans
De rien anda-in-japan! ^^
Par Կ.Մ. il y a 6 ans
Elle est superbe cette Chanson Merci Ashelia =D
Par Ishikawa il y a 6 ans
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