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    Poem for a New Baby

    Grace Andreacchi

    by Grace Andreacchi

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    Grace Andreacchi reads her poem 'The Day We Met', written for her daughter, Sarah. To read more by this author visit


    How you looked!
    out of small eyes still
    focused on eternity.
    How you groped
    mouth hands mind
    open and shut
    not worried, seeking -
    sure to find.
    You were so new!
    even your skin was new
    your hair brand-new
    your voice - never heard before
    making a tiny piteous roar.
    Hello Little Stranger!
    Welcome to the planet
    This is Earth; and this bright
    bold business newly done
    was your birth.

    Copyright © by Grace Andreacchi Hadas

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    Photo credits: babasteve, Robert Whitehead, Silent Observer,, Glen Bowman, NASA