CAPTAIN EO - Short Film With Michael Jackson - 1986


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Captain Eo, is a 3D Sci-Fi Short Film, Starring Michael Jackson, and Anjelica Huston, created in 1986 as a Disney Attraction, shown in many of the Disneyland Theme Parks*!!

*Epcot from 12 September, 1986 to 6 July, 1994.
*Disneyland from 18 September, 1986 to 17 April, 1997.
*Tokyo Disneyland from 20 March, 1987 to 1 September, 1996.
*Disneyland Resort Paris from 12 April, 1992 to 17 August, 1998.


Directed by Francis Ford Coppola.
Produced by Rusty Lemorande and George Lucas (Executive Producer).
Written by George Lucas (Story), Francis Ford Coppola (Screenplay) and Rusty Lemorande (Screenplay).

"We Are Here to Change the World" Written and Performed by Michael Jackson
"Another Part of Me" Written and Performed by Michael Jackson

Story Plot:
The movie is about Captain EO (Jackson) and the Ragtag Crew of his Spaceship (based on Jackson's own Pets) on a Mission to deliver a "Gift" to the Wicked Alien Queen (Huston)!! She's the Supreme Leader, on her home world of Rotting, Twisted Metal and Steaming Vents.
Captain Eo's Alien Crew consists of a small Flying Sidekick Fuzzbucket, the Double-headed Navigator and Pilot Idee and Odee, the Robotic Security Officer Major Domo, a Small Robot Minor Domo (who fits like a Module into Major Domo), and the Clumsy Elephant-like Shipmate Hooter, who always manages to Blunder the Crew's Previous Missions.
Captain Eo tells The Queen he sees the Beauty hidden within her and brings her The Key to Unlock it, through the Gift of Song!!

6 commentaires

la video m'a plu :-) .. ,.....
Par fluffy199 il y a 4 ans
sav0nette jai aussi ete dans cette attraction javais 6 ans si ça tombe tu l'as vu en méme temps que moi qui sai mdrrr
Par SpottyMan il y a 5 ans
Trop de bon souvenir au revoir michael.
Par dimitri il y a 5 ans
Miss him so much....!!!
Par sanzo_7 il y a 5 ans
Quand j'ai fait cette attraction, je devais avoir 4 ans donc je ne m'en souviens plus tellement... Ce dont je me souviens, c'est d'avoir été terriblement horrifiée par la méchante lol Donc, tout ce dont je me souviens, c'est d'avoir pleuré, surtout avec ces lunettes 3D lol C'est triste T-T
Par sav0nnette il y a 6 ans
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