William Moseley interview pour Narnia 2, le Prince Caspian


by Mélissa

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Voici un vidéo de William Moseley (Peter) qui donne un entrevue pour le film Narnia, Le prince Caspian.


Merci pour tout vos coms ca fait vraiment plaisir.
By Mélissa 6 years ago
Il est trop beau j'adore narnia dommage qu'il ne sera pas dans le troisième.
By Dela_89 7 years ago
je l'adore comme acteur enfet je les adore tous
et les films sont super
comme al pluârt d'entre nous je rpefere le chapitre 2
(n'emepeche william est tres beau !!)
By aure2a 7 years ago
Je vous laisse le soin de traduire.légitime d'être éploré pour William Moseley. illégitime de ne pas faire un peu d'anglais. En espérant que les notes vous aident à comprendre et finalement comprendre quelqu'un, ses mots, intonations, constructions de pensées. C'est joli. C'est vrai.
By MICHAEL 7 years ago
Even though I don't really react the way Peter does, i can really understand how he is feeling. When he returns back to narnia, things are not the same. it's 13 hundred years later as you know it. People don't know him. No one knows him as a high king. He sees himself as a high king but nobody sees that. They just see a boy not a man.
And I just wanted to be back working with Andrew, Anna, Georgy, Scanda. I wanted to meet Ben.I wanted to do some more fight.And I really want to do some real acting, let my emotions out, show what I had.
But I think what the audience out there is gonna see. They will see a very different narnia. They will be surprised. interestingly enough, the way it is shot: different, darker. The film moves, has an excellent speed to it and tempo. it's a great story. The core of narnia is still there.
By MICHAEL 7 years ago
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