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    G.Rush Spicks & Specks Part 2

    The Marquis' Mistress

    by The Marquis' Mistress

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    Hey that's gotta the most funny vid ever! lol
    Simply awesome, thanks so much for sharing, you rock ;)
    By rollercoaster_master8 years ago
    You're the best, rushysgirl!

    Geoff miming instrument playing and singing. What more could we want? =D

    Except that those questions are really hard! I don't think I knew the answer to any of them!
    By Ali-Babble8 years ago
    Oh, give that man a set of drums RIGHT NOW!
    And Yes, I want to mime being a groupie! Please!

    I've been waiting for the day to hear him sing - but his stars put him off until he could be the first to sing calculus! Goddamn - that is SO Geoff!

    The man knows the Sgt. Pepper album - LOVE!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!
    By dweediecat8 years ago
    Geoffrey is such a ham, love that singing and his drum and piano solo. What a cute show. Thanks again for recording it.
    By Patricia8 years ago
    Don't you just love how Geoffrey took a little break during his drum solo to have a drink.
    By scarlett_o8 years ago
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