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by C.

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jermainemack (1 year ago): I remember The ABC Afterschool Special on ABC back in the 70's, 80's and 90's when I was 2 years old back then but I would like to hear the whole intro of The ABC Afterschool Special from 1978 to 1985 and the second intro from 1985 to 1990!

(reply) kresblain (1 year ago, 1 thumb up): Wasn't the 1985 intro the third in the series? I know there was a first theme before this one, from 1972-1977. The version here was first used as the ending bumper from 1977-1982, with the in-credit NEA recommendation disclaimer tag alongside it.

(reply) TerryT1976 (3 months ago): That's nice! I, too remember that. It's amazing that one can remember so much at a young age, isn't it?
By C. 6 years ago
OpenArms81 (8 months ago, 3 thumbs up): I loved this intro,could somebody post all of them.

LightningLogos (6 months ago, 3 thumbs up): It's The Gumball Machine,thanks for posting this.I've looked everywhere for this.

kdizzle79 (2 months ago, 1 thumb up): Thank you! I haven't seen this in over two decades! I'm literally about to cry my eyes out!

(reply) Dablkwid0w2008 (2 weeks ago): Me too, (sigh)
why was there a smoky haze coming off the gumball?

scoot1105 (3 weeks ago, 2 thumbs up): Oh how do i remember that gumball machine!! Thanks for posting this!!

(reply) PreviewSubscription (1 week ago): This was such A cool intro,it's hard to forget.

softshu (2 weeks ago): Ahhh....television of my youth. I miss those days!

Idoljunky32 (6 days ago): Wow! That was a flashback to my past!! Thanks for posting!! This is when kids/teen shows were enjoyable!!
By C. 6 years ago