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    Cope w/ increasing environmental demands & remain profitable

    Jean Cannon

    by Jean Cannon


    Enviro Action’s “Easy to be Green” training program takes you through a mind mapping process where you identify ALL your ACTIVITIES – not just what you think may be environmental then we mentor you as you build a broad based foundation for a very slimline management system. This results in a stable and effective management system. More like an iceberg with your employees only needing to work from the small top portion. If you can’t keep it simple it will not work.

    This is a complete contrast to the mountain of paper and documentation that many businesses choose to have as an ISO or any other system. These are based on a much smaller foundation of some things that were identified as a basis of a management plan and are constantly in need of propping up.

    There is absolutely nothing in any ISO standard that requires mountains of paper – it only states that processes and documentation need to be controlled. If your business has too much paper it is your own choice and you can reduce this overload. Enviro Action can help you to do this and we can certainly help you to build a low paper system to increase your profits as well as getting real environmental credentials.

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