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    Reduce your environmental impact with easy online training

    Jean Cannon

    by Jean Cannon


    You can reduce your environmental impact with Enviro Action’s 3 online training modules. In the first module you look at all your activities, regardless of whether you think they are environmental or not, then look at each for environmental impacts. This is a fun mind-mapping exercise that you can involve your staff in as well. The downloadable online training makes it easy to use for in-house staff training as well.
    Clients tell me that my training makes them look at their business management differently. They don’t add any extra layers of paper but do an overall clean out and review. It is like a good desk tidy where they pull all my management practices together
    You get both audio files and written materials because some people learn best by reading, others learn best listening and most of us benefit for the mixture. Busy clients often say how much they like listening to the audio training in the car or the bus, then they check up on some bits with the written materials.

    Clients also tell me that it is very helpful having others from another industry in the group because they hear how they coped with similar problems. This added perspective and it was very good to look outside their own industry to a broader viewpoint.
    The thing I push the whole way through is that if you can’t keep it simple it will not work.

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