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    You can get ISO 14001 certification w/ easy online training

    Jean Cannon

    by Jean Cannon


    You can get ISO 14001 certification with Enviro Action’s 3 online training modules. Clients tell me that they always thought their management practices were good enough to certify but they could never prove it. ISO 14001 is the proof you need for real green management practices and you can do this simply in an online group of businesses.
    Module 1 starts with a mind mapping process where you identify ALL your ACTIVITIES – not just what you think may be environmental then we help you build an environmental management plan to reduce all your environmental impacts.
    The second module helps you implement what you identified in module 1, add a feedback loop and contingency planning. BUT instead of just adding more, you review what you already have in place rather like tidying your desk and reduce unnecessary paper.
    The 3rd module pulls it all together into a very slimline management system all. More like an iceberg with your employees only needing to work from the small visible top portion. If you can’t keep it simple it will not work.
    Clients tell me that really enjoy weekly teleconferences because they can phone in from wherever they are in their business, then go back to their business and take a fresh look based on the conference. They were IN their work while doing the training and were more confident and comfortable like this.

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