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    Reduce your carbon footprint and save w/ online training

    Jean Cannon

    by Jean Cannon


    Are you confused about carbon footprint, carbon trading and carbon accounting? It is not surprising. The rules for Carbon Trading are still being set up and there are so many grey areas. The best option if you are not one of the major emitters with immediate trading requirements is to work out how to reduce your carbon footprint and you will find that this saves you money as you reduce the waste.

    Discover how to reduce your carbon footprint with my straightforward mind mapping training and involve all your staff in the fun exercise to raise their awareness and reduce the waste. Then use this to build a straightforward system with feedback to keep the behavioural change and reduce the culture of waste in your business.

    The increased efficiency in your business will counter the current price increases and increase your profits. In my online training I show you how to keep it simple and review and reduce your paperwork because if you can’t keep it simple it won’t work.

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